Thursday, December 24, 2015

Two Years...

Adequate words are hard to find today. It's the second anniversary of my husband's passing (in addition to being Christmas Eve), and feelings are everywhere. But the urging to remember, record, and share hope in the midst of the hard in this season is deeply on my heart as well. So here are a few thoughts I wrote this morning...

Two years. How can it seem like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at once? I miss my sweetheart so much-- his smile, his touch, the comfort of his presence, and more than I could write. The extremes of emotions at this time of year can be overwhelming, and the world can make you feel like you have to disengage from the sadness in order to embrace joy and hope. But I'm so thankful our Savior was not that way. He chose to be born as a baby in a lowly manger, in trying circumstances. He put on flesh and became a "man of sorrows, acquainted with grief." All for us. To bring us true hope by giving His very life. This is our Emmanuel, God with us.
So today, I will cry and I will smile. I will grieve and I will rejoice. I will miss my sweetheart's embrace but will rest in my Savior's. I will love and let myself be loved. I will be thankful for God's presence with us now, and I will long for Home, where everything will be whole. Even so come, Lord Jesus.

May His blessings, peace, and presence be yours today, too.

This morning's sunrise. Seemed a little symbolic that I slid
and fell on the frosty deck/ramp trying to capture the beauty.
Sometimes the painful and beautiful are all wrapped up together.